May 10, 2018

Machine The power cord is not resets or correctly plugged into turns off fre- the outlet. The media set in the printer driver mis- matches the media In the main screen Scan mode , press the up or down arrow key to select the current scan size setting, and then press the Enter key. Install the dust cover. Switch Scan Test 3. Page Open the front cover. Your email address will not be published.

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Page Lift the machine and reinstall it on top of Tray 2. Cleaning the Media Feed Oki mc160n for Tray 2 Be sure to remove the duplex option before cleaning the media feed rollers for Tray 2.

Main Screen Fax Mode No. Keypad Enters desired oki mc160n of copies.


Lift the release levers on the fuser unit, and pull out the jammed paper forward gently. Class B 2 positions Grease inside of this area.

Tray 2 Attachment Kit Contents Page It takes time for printing to oki mc160n in power saving mode. Oki mc160n search registered names, select NAME.

Oki MB Driver – Free Downloads

Oki mc160n the contrast Contrast Control the darkness of an image Brightness Adjust the saturation of printed image Saturation Adjust the sharpness of the printed image Sharpness Version Tab The Version Tab allows you to view information about the printer driver.

Chapter 2 about description on color registration adjustment should be followed for recovery from an oki mc160n caused by the test. While holding the grip of the locking pin vertical, insert the locking pin into the opening on either the left or right side of the lower feeder unit and, while pushing it in, turn it to either oki mc160n left or the right.

Solving Problems With Media Misfeeds Check the media path again to make sure oki mc160n you have removed all of the misfed media. Symptom Cause Abnormal The print head win- areas oki mc160n, dow is dirty.

Remove the dust cover from Tray 1. Page Keep toner cartridges: Oki mc160n Replacement Procedure 4. Select the type and size of the media loaded into Tray 1. Selecting From the Favorite List From oki mc160n speed dial destinations and group dial destinations registered on this machine, register a maximum of 20 destinations in the favorite list for convenient access to frequently specified oki mc160n.

If the toner cartridge is moved from a cold place to a warm, humid place, condensation may occur, degrading print qual- oki mc160n. Remove the document from the ADF document feed tray. Page This message Prints a list of oki mc160n one-touch dialing groups.

Note Do not touch the wires and flat cable shown in the illustration. Please enable Cookies on your browser and try again. Enter text from picture: This manual also for: If oki mc160n edge of the document cannot be seen in the ADF, lift the document tray and then pull out the document and pull down the document tray.

Press in the toner cartridge until it locks into place. Before opening the front cover, open Tray 1 if it is not already open. Do not lubricate or disassemble the machine.

Oki MC873dn Maintenance Manual

Mc1660n a document Turn the machine off, was being scanned and then, after waiting from the original a few seconds, turn it glass in Scan mode, on again. Selecting the Resolution In the main screen Scan modepress the up or down oki mc160n key to select the current scan quality setting, and then press the Enter key. When any one of settings is different, the device cannot be connected to the wireless LAN access point.

Note Only use genuine Oki Oki mc160n consumables to ensure the best quality and performance from your hardware. If oki mc160n key is not lit up in green, press the Scan key to enter Scan mode. Note Do not oki mc160n the contact indicated in the illustration.

Indicates that it is scanning of documents. Understanding the Media Path Understanding the media path will help you locate media misfeeds. Lift the machine and reinstall it on top of the oki mc160n.

Loading Media How do I load media? If necessary, remove the dust cover from Tray 1 and close the tray.

Oki MC160N User Manual

Setting Duplex Double-Sided Copying In order to perform double-sided copying, the duplex option must be installed on the machine. Note Mc160h attaching the duplex option, attach the bottom of the option oki mc160n.

Please enable Javascript on oki mc160n browser and try again. The imaging cartridge may be defective. Duplex Option Duplex Double-Sided printing can be performed automatically with the duplex option installed.

Part Names The following drawings illustrate the parts of your machine referred nc160n throughout this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them. Remove the lid from Tray 2, and then remove all oku from the tray. Note Do not touch the Oki mc160n drum and the transfer belt on the imaging cartridge.

The loaded document exceeds the maxi- mum capacity. Close the ADF feed cover. Slide the media guides against the edges of the media. Remove the fuser separator mate- oki mc160n, and then return the fuser sepa- Replacing Consumables Letterhead Are precut oki mc160n perforated Do not use Shiny backed paper Letterhead You can print continuously with letterhead.

Led Head Serial Number Display 3.